Xtra – The specialists for brittle materials



The specialist for brittle materials

The Xtra-Series

The specialist for brittle materials.

The special granulator for demanding users

The screenless type of crusher granulators of the Xtra Series are ideal for brittle plastic materials. With large primary crushers, plastic sprues and parts are pre-crushed before being broken down to a final size via the toothed rollers (available with 4 and 5 mm teeth) without screening. There are benefits compared with blade granulators with screen, in terms of regrind quality and use, particular with brittle materials. As a result, the noise level is lower when granulating massive sprues and the regrind has fewer fine parts when processing brittle plastics.

The Xtra-Series machines are also very compact and easy to clean. The hardened cutting tools made from high quality steel alloys guarantee a long service life even when processing abrasive plastics.

The screenless crusher granulators are available in different configurations and are easy to adapt to specific user requirements.

The advantages of the Xtra-Series
  • Significantly reduced noise level when processing hard, brittle and massive sprues due to low rotor speed.
  • Compact dimensions mean minimal space requirement.
  • Cutting chamber easy to open without necessity of tools. Only little service works required.
  • Low energy consumption due to use of high torque gear drives.
  • Very good price-performance ratio.
  • Made in Germany

Cutting chamber and rotor are easily accessible, which simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Due to the low rotor speed and the shearing action significantly lower noise level in comparison to standard knife granulators.

Technical Data
The Xtra-Series: Technical Data 
Xtra 1 Xtra 2 Xtra 3
Cutting chamber opening: 260 x 170 mm² 260 x 260 mm² 260 x 350 mm²
Tooth rollers: 2 pcs 3 pcs 4 pcs
Primary crusher: 1 pc / 3 arms 2 pc / 3 arms 3 pc / 3 arms
Rotor speed: 32/min 32/min 32/min
Tooth size: 4 – 5 mm 4 – 5 mm 4 – 5 mm
Motor power: 1,1 kW 1,5 kW 2,2 kW
Power supply: 400 volts/ 50 Hz 400 volts/ 50 Hz 400 volts/ 50 Hz
Weight (Standard): 210 kg 230 kg 250 kg
Control: protective controller with overload release, 5m connecting cable protective controller with overload release, 5m connecting cable protective controller with overload release, 5m connecting cable


Motors for other voltages are available upon request

Dimensional Drawing

The Xtra-Series: Dimensional drawing

Xtra 1 Xtra 2 Xtra 3
A 200 290 290
B 330 395 405
C 450 450 450
D 945 1100 1200
E 900 990 1125
F 400 400 400


All measurements in mm

Pictures/ Videos

Product images

Screenless crusher Xtra2


The Wanner Xtra Line

Duration: 03:49 min

Specialist granulator for hard and brittle plastic materials

Xtra 2 screenless type of granulator in standard design

Wanner-Technik Novelty