Dynamic – The universal granulator line for massive parts



The universal granulator line for massive parts

The Dynamic-Series

The universal granulator for massive parts.

The D-Series is now based on four model sizes:

  • D 25.25 with a cutting chamber opening of 250 x 255 mm²
  • D 25.38 with a cutting chamber opening of 250 x 385 mm²
  • D 25.50 with a cutting chamber opening of 250 x 505 mm²
  • D 30.50 with a cutting chamber opening of 300 x 500 mm²

The granulator with standard hopper can be equipped with an additional chute, which can serve as robot in-feed slide or tray for manual hand feed to suit the various feeding options.

The optional sound proof enclosure and a wide range of alternative motors, stands and controls allow the granulator to be tailored to your specific requirements.

The new rotor design with scissor cutting action guarantees a high quality regrind with an extremely low percentage of fines. The sound absorbing feed hopper and the solid cutting chamber made of vibration reducing die casted parts minimises the low noise level, even when granulating heavy parts. The unit is extremely easy to open and to clean, saving time and money.

Even with the optional sound enclosure fitted, access to the cutting chamber can be gained easily via a large door. Based on proven designs, the D Series offers improved productivity and excellent value for money.

The advantages of the D-Series
The advantages of the D-Series

  • Large cutting chamber with hardened inserts guarantee reduced wear and therefore long life even when processing glass filled materials.
  • The rotor design allows for granulation of large parts and awkward sprues.
  • Large cutting chamber and scissor cutting action provides low noise levels and good quality regrind with minimal fines.
  • Optional integrated sound proof enclosure.
  • Controls range from simple contactor to comprehensive diagnostics.
  • Compact design and small footprint.
  • Cutting knives easily resharpened.
  • Tray for hand feed or robot in-feed chute available
  • Sack filling box for granulator on central granulating stand.

D-Series granulators either with or without sound deadening enclosure are easy to open, providing full access to the cutting chamber for service or cleaning. 
The sound deadening enclosure can be opened wide to allow easy approach to the granulator. The cutting chamber can be opened up very easily without the necessity of tools allowing excellent access and sight to rotor, screen and knives. The cleaning of the granulator during a change of colour or material therefore can be very easily done.

D 25.25 with sound proof enclosure

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