Compact – The beside-the-press granulator with numerous benefits



The beside-the-press-granulator line with numerous benefits

The Compact Series

The beside-the-press granulator with numerous benefits.

The C-Series is based on three model sizes:

  • C 13.20s with a cutting chamber opening of 130 x 200 mm²
  • C 17.26s with a cutting chamber opening of 170 x 260 mm²
  • C 17.31s with a cutting chamber opening of 170 x 310 mm²

Because of their modular construction, the C Series granulators can easily be adapted to the particular application or the operational needs. Depending on the manner in which the spues are fed in, disposal of the reground material and the injection moulding machine in use, the C Series from Wanner with its many standard components offers optimum solutions which can be adapted to your particular operational requirements.


  • Noise level is reduced by up to 4 dB(A) when granulating hard and brittling materials.
  • Advanced simplicity of use and ease of cleaning.
The advantages of the C-Series
  • modular building block system enables simple adaptation to any particular application
Knives – Granules

  • only small footprint required due to compact design
  • robust motor and gear unit for long life
  • significantly reduced noise level due to bevel cut action and reduction of structure born noise through optimized cutting chamber design.
  • simplicity of use and ease of cleaning saves downtime and money
  • improved ‘pull–in’ action of the rotor for bulky parts and awkward sprues.
  • hardened components included within the cutting chamber reducing wear from abrasive materials
  • high quality regrind with low dust content due to optimized rotor design. The rotating side disk in the cutting chamber side wall reduces friction and therefore prevents warming up and ultimately degradation of the regrind
  • knives easily resharpened without special equipment
  • intrinsically safe and sound-damped in-feed hoppers
  • variety of controls, from simple protection control to intelligent system controller with volt free contacts and alarm system.
  • excellent price-to-performance ratio


Extremely simple operation
  • [1] To open the granulator-Take out the suction / sack filling box from the front.
    Extremely simple operation
  • [2] Open the quick release catch. The upper part of the cutting chamber and in-feed hopper is supported on a heavy duty hinge and can be swung completely aside.
  • [3] Allows free access to the cutting chamber. The rotor and can be inspected freely and the screen can easily be removed. Undercuts and openings in which material could collect are reduced to a minimum allowing the granulator to be fully cleaned in seconds.

C’s Standard

Wanner-Technik Novelty



Granulator C17.26s
Standard hopper, on highstand, with suction box

Granulator C17.26s
Standard hopper (C2-00)

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