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Virtually Virgin

Thermogranulator TG20 improves critical regrind material

Wanner-Technik GmbH – German expert for plastic granulators – offers the thermogranulator TG20 for the regranulation of thermoplastic waste materials.
Especially if the manufacturing process of specific applications requires a resin, superior to regular regrind material, the Thermogranulator improves the process quality significantly. The Thermogranulator provides an absolutely uniform regrind material, which is regarding to geometry, dosing, content of fine parts and free-flowing equal to virgin polymere resin. This improves material handling and dosing into the IMM considerably.

The Thermogranulator TG20 is suitable to process small parts and sprues directly without pre-cutting them as well as very irregular regrind material with large percentage of fine-parts and dust. This allows the plastic processor to recycle in-house plastic waste, which before he has not been able to re-use in the production process again.

The Thermogranulators TG20 provides solutions for all requirements, when regular regrinded plastic material – generated e.g. by standard plastic granulators – can’t be reused due to process requirements.

The Thermogranulator TG 20 is suitable for most thermoplastic resins such as: TPE, EVA, PP, PE, ABS, PS, PA, PC, etc.

The Thermogranulator TG20 improves bad and critical regrind

Virtually virgin